Tips We Love

We Asked - You Answered!

We asked about your best tips for making your live's easier and love the answers we got so much that we thought we'd share them.

Dry heels? - Before you go to bed rub those dry feet with a Stridex pad (or any kind of acne pad with salicylic acid), then cover with Vaseline, put on socks, and go to sleep. In the morning your heels will be amazingly soft. - Stacey

Weeds in the cracks in driveway? - Sprinkle salt in the cracks then let it dissolve in the rain. In about a week the weeds will be gone. It also discourages ants. - Audrey

To touch up eyebrows or gray roots - Use Just For Men Mustache & Beard. It takes five minutes. - Sandy

Use vinegar as a natural fabric softener for laundry. - Kathi

For whiter teeth use Wilson's mouth guards and PlusWhite Five Minute Gel. About $8 for whiter teeth. - Tiffany

Save the cardboard tubes from paper towels to manage strings of Christmas lights. Snip a cut in each end of tube, slide one plug in top slit then wrap string of lights around tube finish by tucking end plug in bottom slit. - Sara