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Get life tips, advice, and good old fashion girl talk, whenever, wherever you need it!

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We are both wives, mothers, sisters and daughters.  Like all of you, we have experienced ups and downs.  The ups always seemed to be things we wanted to share and talk about!  The downs?  Not so much.  And why not?  We are all trying to survive this thing called life together, so let's discuss, laugh, cry and learn from one another!

Our Goals


It's Not Just You is a safe environment where no one is afraid to share the things that no one wants to talk about.

We want every one to feel a part of this community where we always "have your back!"  And finally, we want to be your listening "getaway" that you look forward to every week,  and at the end of each discussion you feel just a little bit better, a little more understood and a little less alone.

Good Minds Think Alike


The most important part of what we are working to achieve is YOU.  We want to hear from all of you.  No advice is better than that given from experience.  So please don't be shy, raise your hands!!  Call or email us anytime, we want to hear from YOU!

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